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Jun 28 2013

TypeTemplateSelector for WinRT

A cheater's way to get implicit DataTemplates in WinRT.

winrt halfwit c# .net xaml
Apr 4 2013
Apr 2 2013

Background Tasks in Async Methods

How to start a "fire and forget" Task from an async method without a warning.

c# .net async
Nov 10 2012

WebRequest.GetResponseAsync (with timeout) for PCL

A handy extension method for the Portable Class Library version of WebRequest

c# .net pcl
Jul 31 2012

Generic Repositories Part Deux

In which I admit that I'm coming around to the idea of generic repositories.

data entity-framework c# .net
Jul 30 2012

Generic Data Access Repositories

I've never quite "gotten" generic repositories for data access. Here's why. Tell me why I'm wrong!

entity-framework data c# .net
Jun 13 2012

Refactoring Halfwit's Coroutines to C# 5

Ditching MadProps.MvvmLight's coroutine support in favour of async/await.

halfwit c# .net mvvm
Jun 12 2012

Refactoring Halfwit to use C# 5

Making use of C# 5's new async and await keywords in Halfwit.

c# halfwit .net budgie
Apr 19 2012

Internal Constructors for Read Only Classes?

If a class can't be changed, why give it a public default constructor?

Jun 3 2011

Stupid Dynamic Tricks

How I learned to stop worrying and love the dynamic keyword in C#.

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May 27 2011

MadProps.AppArgs is on Nuget!

Your new favourite command-line parsing class is now available via Nuget.

madprops.appargs .net c# nuget
May 26 2011


A simple library to help parse command-line arguments.

.net c#
May 23 2011

A Curious Halfwit HashSet Bug

Halfwit threw an exception! Let's track down the bug.

halfwit c# .net
Dec 9 2010

Anonymous Interface Implementations

Another C# feature I'd like to see.

c# wishlist .net language
Dec 6 2010

TweetSharp Entities

TweetSharp v2 introduces support for "Twitter Entites". Here's a first look.

tweetsharp twitter c# .net wpf
Nov 24 2010

Nested ViewModels

A way for ViewModel classes to communicate "upstream" in the hiearachy.

mvvm c# ioc
Jul 28 2010

Type Inference for Constants in C#

I want C# constant declarations to work like Pascal!

c# .net wishlist
Jul 28 2010

Code Kata - Coin Change Problem

Calculating change denomination using Linq!

kata .net c#
Jul 28 2010

I Want a "while" Linq Keyword

I have TakeWhile() ... but I want while

c# .net wishlist
Jul 28 2010

Immutability in C# 5?

How immutability might work in the next version of C#

c# .net wishlist
Jul 27 2010

Give WPF's DatePicker some Keyboard Love

Extend the WPF Toolkit's DatePicker control with new keyboard shortcuts.

wpf datepicker .net c#
Jul 25 2010

Generic Constructor Constraints

A feature I'd like to see in C#

c# .net generics wishlist